Users have been basic asked several questions about the early in the day and current wedding inside the FWB dating

Earlier and you will current FWB engagement

Such integrated the following: “Are you involved in an excellent ‘nearest and dearest having benefits’; relationships?,” “Exactly how many ‘family which have benefits’; is it possible you have?,” and you may “As much as exactly how many ‘nearest and dearest that have benefits’; maybe you’ve had inside your life?” The first matter inside it an excellent dichotomous (yes–no) effect, while the latter a couple of with it unlock-ended numeric responses.

Solely those participants just who replied affirmatively with the question on the engagement from inside the a recent FWB relationships was led doing brand new actions showed later. Instructions preceding this type of tips reported that if a person are on it much more than just one to FWB matchmaking, they must finish the procedures colombian cupid uživatelské jméno with regards to greatest FWB dating at heart. This is to ensure that users was in fact taking into consideration the exact same lover when replying to for each and every product. Participants who failed to imply current FWB engagement have been brought to help you a different questionnaire, the outcome of which commonly believed right here.

Relationships initiation

Participants was indeed requested what passionate these to introduce the FWB relationship. The newest reaction choices to that it question integrated (a) gender (elizabeth.grams., the need to engage in sexual activity that have a buddy) and (b) mental union (elizabeth.g., a want to end up being nearer to a friend). Members you’ll pick one, both, otherwise none given that a real reason for creating the connection. To possess analytic motives, for every single inspiration (we.elizabeth., sexual and you can emotional) is actually addressed given that a dichotomous varying, coded as 0 to possess not chose and you may step one getting picked. We really do not need to advise that desires getting intercourse and you may mental union could be the merely you’ll causes that individuals may have for delivery an effective FWB relationship. I made a decision to interest mainly within these two aim because the prior studies have learned that he is among the most aren’t cited advantages of wedding for the FWB dating (Bisson Levine, 2009 ), and because these were really highly relevant to all of our central hypotheses of intercourse differences in the brand new motives underlying casual intimate dating (Schmitt mais aussi al., 2003 ).

Relationship union

Members accomplished procedures of dedication to the brand new sexual (Cronbach’s ? = .87) and you can friendship elements (Cronbach’s ? = .91) of its FWB matchmaking. One or two issues per were utilized to assess intimate and relationship partnership. Such integrated the following: “I’m purchased keeping the sexual relationship (friendship),” and “I believe very connected to our sexual relationships (friendship).” These items was in fact modeled immediately after portions of one’s Capital Model Scale’s union subscale (Rusbult, Martz, Agnew, 1998 ). Players indicated its level of arrangement with the factors having fun with a beneficial scale between step one (don’t agree after all) so you can nine (concur entirely).

Criterion for the future

Users was in fact expected how they pledge the FWB dating carry out transform over the years. Effect choices to which question provided the second: (a) I’m hoping they remains the same, (b) I really hope we get an enchanting partners, (c) I am hoping we have close friends who do n’t have intercourse, and you may (d) I am hoping i stop our intimate dating and you can relationship entirely. People was in fact merely able to choose one of possibilities explained. A good dichotomous changeable ended up being intended to reflect if or not users wished that their relationships stay a similar (we.age., individuals who find the basic response alternative; coded once the 0) otherwise transform (we.elizabeth., people who picked one of several second three effect choice; coded since the 1).


Members accessed the web based questionnaire via hyperlinks printed toward individuals Net websites, instance Craigslist (craigslist), On the web Psychology Research United kingdom (, and also the Societal Psychology Network ( All of these can be used and you will needed Internet sites to possess Internet-situated browse (Lehmiller, 2008 ). New solicitation find advised professionals this particular was a study of “thinking into the ‘members of the family having benefits’; relationships” which somebody should be decades 18 or elderly when planning on taking part in this look.